Bringing on the Weather

For the first time in what seems like forever, The Engineer and I are home for the weekend.  There is a ton of stuff I was looking forward to doing this weekend, and I had big plans.  It’s Spring turkey season, so I really wanted to get some friend time in.  I have some furniture that needs to be refinished, and the loft needs to be organized into The Engineer’s man cave.  Currently up there its just a hot mess of things that need to be put away or are waiting to be unpacked after the move.

But then the blizzard came, and instead of working on furniture in the garage, we took a nap and watched Netflix.  I did briefly perk up to notice our development being plowed.  It seemed like a slightly futile effort as it was still snowing and blowing quite a bit yesterday afternoon.  Everything was supposed to end last night around 10, but I woke up to more snow and wind this morning.  Thankfully, everything has stopped now and it has gotten a bit warmer…..for now anyway.

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Ahhhhh Midwest weather…..#thebest!

If staying at home during a blizzard isn’t your thing, you can do like The Engineer and I did last night and attend the annual Ducks Unlimited Banquet with some friends.  All day long I thought for sure the event would be cancelled, everything else in the state and surrounding states was closed, cancelled, or postponed….but I guess duck people are a different breed.  I should have known when they changed the name of the Facebook event notification to “Snow Party” that there weren’t going to let Mother Nature push them around.  So, against the advice of the city, state, and everything our parents told us growing up about being out in winter storms, we threw the big scoop shovel in the back of the truck and headed out.  Now it’s only 10ish miles between our house and where the event was being held, but those weren’t 10 in town miles…..they were 10 out of town highway miles on roads that they county gave up plowing 8 hours beforehand.


Perfect weather for a nice country drive!

The roads weren’t as bad as we had anticipated them being, and all things considered the visibility was actually very good.  We all made it to and from the event without incident.  The real tragedy of the night was that The Engineer and I came home without any new treasures.  No guns, no commemorative prints or decoys….not even at hat!  I did snag some turkey calls, but that doesn’t technically count as they weren’t my raffle win.  Our friends won them and re-gifted them to me as they don’t go out turkey hunting.  I had never been to the banquet, and I have to say it was way more involved than I imagined.  Once you’re there and see all the food, raffle prizes, people, and planning involved in the event, it makes sense why they decided to press on despite the weather.  It is all for the ducks after all!

Worse than the thought of us making a quick drive through the blizzard is the thought of the blizzards effects on livestock and wildlife.  Late Spring or early Fall blizzards are typically more deadly than just your ordinary Winter blizzard.  They usually begin with freezing rain and sleet and then progress into heavy blowing snow that sticks and builds up thanks to the base layer of moisture.  A few years ago, cattle herds in the Western part of the state were decimated by an early Winter storm.  This time of year, a storm of this quality and magnitude can be even worse.  Many farmers and ranchers are already done calving for the year, and the reality is that calves just aren’t designed to withstand this kind of weather.  If an adult herd can’t make it through a storm, the little babes don’t stand a very good chance.


Photo by Bryce Tevelad

This is the reality that we live with in the Midwest.  Mother Nature isn’t kind and doesn’t care if you think you’ve planned out calving or planting perfectly.  Around here she can change on a dime, and it can leave farmers and ranchers scrambling to provide safety and shelter for their herds and hoping that their crops aren’t destroyed.  Beyond domestic livestock, birds who migrated back North are sometimes trapped in weather they try and avoid.  Any nests that have already been laid probably didn’t survive the cold and wet the last few nights have brought to the area.  The reality is that not every Spring baby will survive into Summer.  The farmer who took the picture above reported to the local news that though they saved the calf in the picture, they did loose one last night.  I’m sure that calf wasn’t the only babe lost to the storm, but hopefully the numbers statewide aren’t anywhere near the 100,000 that was the estimated loss during the 2013 storm.

It was an odd irony for me last night at the Ducks Unlimted banquet.  I couldn’t help thinking and worrying about a little duck couple that have made their home on my development’s pond this Spring.  The Engineer assured me that since they are always out wandering the development as a couple that they probably haven’t laid any eggs yet, so here’s to hoping that’s the case.  Hopefully they found a warm, dryish spot in the reeds out of the wind to weather the storm.

KitchenAid Struggles….and Other News!

I really like my KitchenAid mixer although I use it only on rare occasions.  Generally, these occasions revolve around making mashed potatoes or occasionally banana bread!  In case you’d like to know a (Mis)Happening’s fun fact…..mashed potatoes are one of my most favorite foods!  However, during my last mashed potato making session, my KitchenAid attacked me.  And…..there was a witness to the event even!



I love this color….Imperial Grey….nice texturized finish and it goes with everything.  Color, my friends, is over rated!

My KitchenAid doesn’t occupy a permanent countertop position for a couple reasons.  1…I don’t have that much countertop to go around, and 2… can only eat mashed potatoes so often.  It just doesn’t need to be out all the time.  This effort to clean up and put stuff away is really the cause of my most recent incident.  Frankly, this isn’t the first time that attempting to clean up and organize my life has come back to bite me in the boo-tay.  Often times, I wonder why I even try and adult, because it just doesn’t seem like it ever works out for me.  Case in point….I maybe got too ambitious/excited about planting some veggies for summer, and I probably now have a couple dead tomato plants because spring in South Dakota is currently involving a winter weather advisory!

The KitchenAid’s home is on the bottom of my pantry cupboard.  It only barely fits on the shelf, and some focus and maneuvering is required to get it put back away.  I’m not even sure what exactly the mixer got caught on while I was trying to put it away the other night.  I do know that the squishy part of my knee, right above my knee cap, ran smack into the pointy front edge of my mixer.  Now, I get hurt a lot, a couple weeks ago a candle attacked me in a similar fashion while I was getting in the truck, but this was, I think, the worst owwy I’ve received while at home.  I was left with the sort of feeling you get when you bang your funny bone…only in my knee, and a large bump and bruise.  To make matters a bit worse, the bruise is right at Scout’s head height, so she has a tendency to whack it while trying to show off her hedgehog or alligator retrieving and murdering skills.


So there’s The Engineer….sitting across the island from me….looking slightly concerned and a little bit confused as I’m like half laughing and being mostly in pain.  I’ve warned him several times that life with me is just a constant ride on the struggle bus, but either he doesn’t believe me, or he doesn’t seem to mind.  It’s not even like I had to pull out all the cooking stops to impress him.  He’s been to several of the house parties, so he’s always known that I’m perfectly capable of whipping up some dinner.

He had his own fair share of fails this weekend though too!  It just hasn’t been the most successful weekend at Casa (Mis)Happenings.  I finally decided to upgrade my old college coffee pot.  I’ve been wanting new one for quite some time, but I had originally planned on waiting for the old one to die before upgrading.  However, I got tired of waiting….and frankly that wasn’t the best plan because it would involve being without a coffee pot for a day or two.  So…..I ordered myself a Ninja!  It’s got a timer, I don’t have to move it out from under the cabinets every morning to fill the water tank, and it will brew different sizes and strengths of coffee depending on what I’m after.  I’m excited to use the Iced Coffee setting this summer so I don’t have to drink stale, old, brewed coffee over ice, and The Engineer is excited to make his new favorite coffee drink…..the frappucino….in combo with my Ninja blender!


He set things up, and I got a beer… was super ideal! 🙂

Anyway, he decided that he was going to make the inaugural pot of coffee on the new Ninja.  Someone….maybe over estimated how strong he likes his coffee….and brewed up a pot of mud.  I thought it was fairly drinkable….with the addition of some coconut milk.  He used the included milk frother thingy to whip up some milk to try and fix his… didn’t work out.  It was only after he had given up on drinking the mud that I remembered that I have some actual coffee creamer in the fridge that BFB left behind a couple weeks ago….whoopsy!  Despite the bad coffee, we did have a nice rainy morning Harry Potter mini marathon!  I’m not sure what else you’re supposed to do when the temperature drops near to freezing and it rains all day.  Movies and snacks seem like the only logical answer!


Restorative Weekend at Home

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a weekend at home with just me and my Scout-a-Roo.

Even though the Bitch Face Bestie and the Hubby in Law took excellent care of my baby girl while I was gone on vacation, Scout’s been a bit clingy since I’ve gotten home, so I’m sure she’s been appreciating the extra cuddle time.

I meant to get my yard cleaned up a bit for fall, but it’s been cold and drizzly, so I didn’t get any of that done.  Hahaha….ooopsy!  Maybe tomorrow night, the dried up veggie plants can go out with the garbage.

I did however get my kitchen and bathroom scrubbed down and cleaned up!!  It’s amazing…it’s not like it really takes that long once you get down to it, but I just can’t seem to ever motivate myself to do it during the week after I get home from work.  When Momma was here a few weekends ago she was vacuuming for me and declared that I needed to scrub my baseboards.  I don’t ever recall ever scrubbing baseboards at home growing up, but mine are dark and I suppose the dust shows more…….. :/  So, in an effort to be a responsible home owner, I scrubbed all my baseboards and dusted!  Someone should be proud of me!

Friday night was a Halloween housewarming party at BFB and Hubby in Law’s new house!  I was a vodka bottle for the…..second, maybe third……year in a row!  I mean, if the $20 dress still fits you might as well wear it right?!  I decided this year that I would amp up the makeup a bit.  I found an inspiration video online that was a fortune teller…..and I decided to make myself a glamazon of a Svedka bottle!  I’ve included the link because @alyssamarieartistry is amazeballs, and everyone should watch her Halloween look!

Instagram video by Anastasia Beverly Hills • Oct 27, 2016 at 4:01am UTCSee this Instagram video by @anastasiabeverlyhills • 7,942


First, you gotta practice…….

Then you just gotta commit and go for it!


The party was so fun, and it was great to get out and see everyone!  Even though I got put to work finishing up decorating when I got there and had to ditch my 5 inch heels…..I’m easily appeased with yummy snacks and some of BFB’s homemade cake!


These are my people…..and I love them!

(Also, I’m barefoot in all these pics…..I have a collection of miniature friends!)

I didn’t get any landscaping done this weekend, but I did get dinner made for BFB and the Hubby in Law last night.  I cleaned and workout out yesterday, and then took dinner over to their house so we could all watch Game 4 together with all the fur babies!  I have yet to turn on my heat, so I’ve been relying primarily on my oven to keep the house at a cozy-ish temperature.

Plus, if you wanna talk about restoring your soul, there is nothing better than fresh outta the oven buns with butter.  Life doesn’t get any better than that!  Warm buns will make you happier than anything else ever could!  Buns, corn chowder, grilled cheeses, and bloody marys made for a pretty excellent Saturday night if I do say so!  I’m excited that the weather has started to change so that soup and fresh bread can start making a comeback into my life!

Today has been yoga, coffee, snuggles, and laundry.  It’s been nice to just chillax at home, relax, and recharge.  After vacation is always a stressful time at work because the samples don’t stop arriving because I leave for a few days.  After running around like a headless chicken in the lab all week, relaxing with mugs of coffee and tea while candles burn and Scout snores has been just what the doctor ordered I think!

Hope everyone has been having an excellent, and safe, Halloween weekend!